2017 Supplementary Materials for Manuscripts

  • Weller, et al., 2017.  J. of Food Prot. (submitted)
    Daniel L. Weller, Jasna Kovač, Sherry Roof, David J. Kent, Jeff I. Tokman, Barbara Kowalcyk, David Oryang, Renata Ivanek, Anna Aceituno, Christopher Sroka, and Martin Wiedmann. 2016. Survival of Escherichia coli on lettuce under field conditions encountered in the Northeastern United States.  
    • Supplemental Materials S1: This field study was conducted in a romaine lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. longifolia cv. Green Towers; Harris Seeds, Rochester NY) field at the Homer C. Thompson Vegetable Research Farm in Freeville, New York. The field consisted of an 8.5 m x 59.5 m planted area (1A) with 5 longitudinal beds separated by 0.6 m furrows (1B). Each bed consisted of 4 rows of seed planted 0.4 m apart (20 rows in total; 1C). The field was surrounded by a bare ground buffer of at least 3.1 m on each side (1A).
    • Supplemental Materials S2: The R script used to implement the method outlined by Cochran to calculate the most probable number of E. coli cells per sample.
    • Supplemental Materials S3: Weather conditions for the day of lettuce head inoculation, and 1-9 d after lettuce head inoculation.
  • Beno et al., 2017, J. Dairy Sci. (Submitted) 
    Beno, S. M., H. A. Brooks, R. H. Orsi, D. J. Kent, L. M. Carroll, S. J. Reichler, J. Kovac, S. Tang, N. H. Martin, K. J. Boor, and M. Wiedmann. 2017. Characterization of Paenibacillus odorifer isolates reveals psychrotolerance is not associated with phylogeny.
    • Supplemental Table 1: List of 101 isolates tested in the initial screen and associated growth data for all isolates in Skim Milk Broth (SMB) at 6°C
    • Supplemental Table 2: Twelve protein domains previously associated with growth at low temperatures used for Hidden Markov Model (HMM) analyses
    • Supplemental Table 3: Detailed information on the 58 Paenibacillus isolates and 3 Viridibacillus isolates characterized by whole genome sequencing.
    • Supplemental Table 4: Growth data for 28 Paenibacillus isolates (25 P. odorifer and 3 closely related) in four media/temperature combinations.
    • Supplemental Table 5: Hidden Markov Model (HMM) results for 25 P. odorifer and 3 closely related isolates
    • Supplemental Table 6: OrthoMCL results: List of genes enriched in phylogenetic A
    • Supplemental Table 7: OrthoMCL results: List of genes enriched in phylogenetic clade B
    • Supplemental Table 8: OrthoMCL results: List of GO terms enriched in phylogenetic clade A
    • Supplemental Table 9: OrthoMCL results: List of GO terms enriched in phylogenetic clade B