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2016 Supplementary Materials for Manuscripts

  • Beno, et al., 2016.  J. of Food Prot. (submitted)
    Beno, S. M., M. J. Stasiewicz, A. D. Andrus, R. D. Ralyea, D. J. Kent, N. H. Martin, M. Wiedmann, and K. J. Boor. 2016. Development and validation of pathogen environmental monitoring programs for small cheese processing facilities. 
    • Supplemental Table S1:  Routine monthly sample sites tested for Listeria spp. and L. monocytogenes, organized by facility. 
    • Ho, et al., 2016.  J. of Pub. Health Mgmt. (submitted)
      Ho, Alphina DVM; Pennell-Huth, Paula MPH; Newman, Alexandra DVM, MPH; Zansky, Shelley PhD; Wiedmann, Martin Dr med vet, PhD. 2016. Foodborne illness outbreak investigation training needs: a survey among state public health staff in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States.