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2014 Supplementary Materials for Manuscripts

  • Weller et al.  2014. J. Food Sci. Edu.
    Weller, D., Robbins, J., Elmore, A., and Wiedmann, M.  2014. Master of Professional Studies in Agriculture and Life Science offered through the Field of Food Science and Technology at Cornell University:  A Model for the Development of a Course-Based Graduate Degree in Food Science and Technology.  J. Food Sci. Edu.
  • Chapin et al.  2014. J. Food Prot.
    Chapin, T.C., K.K. Nightingale, R.W. Worobo, M. Wiedmann, L.K. Strawn.  2014.  Prevalence and Remotely-sensed Predictors of Listeria species Detected in Produce Preharvest and Natural Environments.  J Food Prot.
    • Supplemental Table S1:  Names, Descriptions, and Units of Measurement (where applicable) of the Variables Used in the RandomForest Models (Produce Preharvest and Natural Environments)
  • Weller et al.  2015. J. Food Prot. (submitted 2014)
    Daniel Weller, Martin Wiedmann, Laura K. Strawn.  2015.  Irrigation is Significantly Associated with an Increased Prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes in Produce Production Environments in New York State.  J Food Prot.
    • Supplemental Table S1:  Description of the environmental factors used for univariate analysis and model development.