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2013 Supplementary Materials for Manuscripts

  • Fortes et al. 2013. J. Food Prot. (in press)
    Fortes, E.D., J. David, R. Koeritzer and M. Wiedmann. 2013. Validation of the 3M Molecular Detection System for the Detection of Listeria in Meat, Seafood, Dairy, and Retail Environments. J Food Prot (in press; #: JFP-12-552).
    • Supplemental Table S1: Detailed results for (i) eight samples where cultural methods and 3M Molecular Detection System results did not coincide and (ii) four samples that were positive by the 3M Molecular Detection System only, but these results were deemed to represent cross-contamination events.
  • Stasiewicz et al. 2014. J. Food Prot (submitted 2013)
    Stasiewicz, M.J., N. Martin, S. Laue, Y.T. Grohn, K.J. Boor, and M. Wiedmann. 2014. Responding to bioterror concerns by increasing milk pasteurization temperature would increase estimated annual deaths from listeriosis.  J. Food Prot.
  • Soyer et al. 2013. J. Food Prot.
    Soyer, Y., Richards, J., Hoelzer, K., Warnick, L. D., Fortes, E., McDonough, P., Dumas, N.B., Grohn, Y.T. and M. Wiedmann. 2013. Antimicrobial drug resistance patterns among cattle and human associated Salmonella. Journal of Food Protection.
  • Vangay, P. - Risk Analysis - Questionnaire 1 pdf
  • Vangay, P. - Risk Analysis - Questionnaire 2 pdf

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