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2009 Supplementary Materials for Manuscripts

  • Soyer et al, 2009, BMC Evolutionary Biology 9:264
    Soyer, Y., R.H. Orsi, L. Rodriguez, Q. Sun, and M. Wiedmann. 2009. Genome wide evolutionary analyses reveal serotype specific patterns of positive selection in selected Salmonella serotypes. BMC Evolutionary Biology BMC Evol Biol. 2009 Nov 14:9:264.
    • Additional File 1 pdf:  Salmonella Isolates (n=42) Used
    • Additional File 2 pdf:  PCR Conditions and Primers for the Four Genes
    • Additional File 3 pdf:   Detailed Information for 81 Genes Which Showed Evidence for Positive Selection from Initial Analysis
    • Additional File 4 pdf:  Detailed Information for 41 Genes Which Showed Evidence for Positive Selection from Initial Analysis
    • Additional File 5:  Alignments for Genes under Positive Selection
  • Sauders et al, 2009, J. Food Prot (submitted)
    Sauders, B. D., D. Sanchez, D. H. Rice, J. Corby, S. Stich, E. D. Fortes, S. E. Roof, and M. Wiedmann, 2009.   Prevalence and Molecular Diversity of Listeria monocytogenes in Retail Establishments.  J. Food Prot. (submitted).
    • Supplemental Figure 1 pdf:  PFGE patterns for L. monocytogenes isolates from five establishments where L monocytogenes was isolated on two separate samplings.
    • Supplemental Figure 2 pdf:  Correlation between establishment size (in sq ft; panel A) and employee numbers (panel B) and L. monocytogenes prevalence found in our study.
    • Supplemental Table 1 pdf:  Basic characteristics of the 121 retail establishments included in this study.
    • Supplemental Table 2 pdf:  List of all 121 establishments with L. monocytogenes isolates and ribotypes isolated.
  • Soyer et al. 2009.  Foodborne Pathogens and Disease 2010 Jun;7(6):707-17
    • Supplemental Table 1. Salmonella isolates (n=335) used in this study  
    • Supplemental Table 2. Detailed information for clinical bovine Salmonella isolates collected from farms at multiple visits  
    • Supplemental Figure 1 pdf. PFGE patterns, for isolates from farms 524, 490, 259, 584, and 510, which show closely related PFGE patterns and identical STs
    • Supplemental Figure 2 pdf. Geographical  associations of human and bovine isolates with PFGE types that were found among both humans and cattle
  • Stasiewicz et al. 2009: Journal of Food Protection. 73(4):631-40
    Matthew J. Stasiewicz, Teresa Bergholz, and Martin Wiedmann, The Combination of Lactate and Diacetate Synergisticallly Reduces Cold Growth in BHI Broth Across Listeria monocytogenes Lineages.  J Food Prot. 2010 Apr; 73(4):631-40
    • Supplemental Table S1 pdf:  This file contains initial cell density, lag phase duration, maximum growth rate, and final cell density values for each of the thirteen L. monocytogenes strains grown in the presence or absence of sodium diacetate and/or sodium lactate.
    • Supplemental Table S2 pdf:  This file contains correlation coefficients for all pairs of growth parameters for the overall data set, as well as for each individual growth inhibitor treatment

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