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2005 Supplementary Materials for Manuscripts

  • Nightingale et al., 2005 J. Bacteriol. 187:5537-5551.
    K. K. Nightingale, K. Windham and M. Wiedmann. 2005. Evolution and molecular phylogeny of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from human and animal listeriosis cases and foods. J. Bacteriol. 197:5537-5551.
    • Supplemental Table S1.  L. monocytogenes isolates and allelic types
    • Supplemental Table S2. PCR Primers for L. monocytogenes multilocus sequence
    • Supplemental Table S3. PCR Conditions for L. monocytogenes multilocus sequence typing
    • Supplemental Figure 1. Phylogram inferred by neighbor joining from a concatenated sequence containing gap, prs, and sigB for unique L. monocytogenes sequence types and L. innocua.
    • Supplemental Figure 2.  Neighbor joining phylogram inferred from a single sequence selected to represent unique sigB allelic types for 120 L. monocytogenes, 48 L. innocua, 48 L. seeligeri, and 48 L. welshimeri isolates
  • Nightingale et al., 2005 Appl. Environ. Micro 71:8764-8772.
    Nightingale, K. K., K. Windham, K. E. Martin, M. Yeung, and M. Wiedmann. 2005. Selected Listeria monocytogenes subtypes commonly found in foods show reduced invasion in human intestinal cells due to distinct nonsense mutations in inlA leading to expression of truncated and secreted internalin A. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 71:8764-8772.
  • Alcaine et al., 2005 J. Antimicro Agents Chemo. 49:4061-5067
  • Sukhnanand et al., 2005 J. Clin. Micro. 43:1177-1186
    Sukhnanand, S., S. Alcaine, W.-L. Su, J. Hof, M. P. J. Craver, L. D. Warnick, P. McDonough, K. J. Boor, and M. Wiedmann. 2004. DNA sequence-based subtyping and evolutionary analysis of selected Salmonella enterica serotypes. J. Clin. Microbiol. 43:1177-1186.
    • Supplemental Table S1. Allelic profiles and MLST types for the initial set of 25 Salmonella isolates characterized by seven-gene MLST
    • Supplemental Table S2. Allelic profiles and MLST types for the 66 isolate serotype diversity collection