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Victoria Lappi


B.S., 1992, Genetics and Cell Biology, University of Minnesota
M.S., 2003, Food Science and Technology, Cornell University

Lab Research

Vicki worked in the lab from 2002 to 2003, working on two related projects.  She used culturing and molecular subtyping methods to identify Listeria monocytogenes and track its source and spread within seafood processing plants.  This research helped lead to the development of improved sanitary SOPs for the industry.  Vicki also worked on the development of DNA sequencing based sub-typing methods for Listeria spp. detection.  Her thesis was entitled:  "Longitudinal studies to determine the impact of intervention strategies on Listeria".  View Victoria's key publications from her time in the lab.

Current Position

Vicki is now a Bacteriologist 2 at the Minnesota Department of Health in Minneapolis. View Victoria's LinkedIn profile.