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Reid Ivy


B.S. 2003 Microbiology, University of Arkansas
M.S. 2005 Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Arkansas
Ph.D. 2010 Food Science, Cornell University

Lab Research

Reid first came to the lab in 2005 as a Technician, then became a graduate student in 2006. During his time in the lab, he explored the effects of growth temperature on the contributions of response regulators, Sigma B, and PrfA to intestinal epithelial cell invasion and the transcriptional response to acid stress in L. monocytogenes. Reid's dissertation was entitled: "Effects of growth temperature on the regulation of host cell invasion and acid stress response in Listeria monocytogenes". View key publications from Reid's time in the lab. View Reid's LinkedIn profile.

Current Position

Currently, Reid is a Food Safety Scientist at the Kraft tech center in Glenview, IL.  He conducts Food Safety Assessments of Kraft's North American ingredient suppliers.