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Graduate Students

Alexandra Belias

Alexandra Belias

Graduate Student (PhD, Food Science)
Alex will be working on projects associated with tracking pathogen contamination on produce. 

Laura Carroll

Graduate Student (Ph.D., Food Science)
Laura employs a computational approach to study the evolution and taxonomy of foodborne pathogens, including Salmonella enterica, Listeria monocytogenes, and Bacillus cereus.
Alexa Cohn

Alexa Cohn

Graduate Student
Alexa is working on a project to analyze the transcriptome of three different serovars of nontyphoidal Salmonella in order to understand strains in the context of infectivity and host interactions.
Rachel Evanowski
Rachel works on the Voluntary Shelf Life project.  Samples from across the state are collected and analyzed for sensory and microbial values throughout the course of their shelf life. That information is then given back to the plants to help them improve their processing techniques and work towards improving the quality of milk in NY.

Anna Sophia Harrand

Graduate Student (Ph.D., Food Science)
Sophia's project evaluates produce-relevant pathogens as well as surrogates, indicators, and index strains for different phenotypic characteristics to help with selection of strains and growth conditions for challenge studies and evaluation of interventions. 

Lory Henderson

Graduate Student (Ph.D., Microbiology)
Lory is investigating the efficiency of combined stresses on L. mono using simultaneous vs. sequential "checkerboard" assays.

Jingqiu Liao

Graduate Student (Ph.D., Microbiology)
Jingqiu's research focuses on the population genetics of foodborne pathogens using whole genome sequencing, and the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms shaping the biogeography of foodborne pathogens.

Tim Lott

Graduate Student (Ph.D., Food Science)
Tim is investigating the effectiveness of on-farm interventions for reducing spore forming bacteria in bulk tank raw milk. He is also evaluating the efficacy of different pasteurization parameters and storage temperatures for extending the shelf-life of fluid milk in absence of post-pasteurization contamination.

Sarah Murphy

Graduate Student (Ph.D., Food Science)
Sarah is currently working on a collaborative project investigating the relationship between farm bedding management practices and the presence of meso- and thermophilic spore formers in raw milk. She is also involved in the VSL program.
Samuel Reichler

Sam Reichler

Graduate Student (Ph.D., Food Science)
Sam is working with New York State dairy plants to detect and characterize the bacteria in their milk responsible for post-pasteurization contamination and spoilage. His project's goal is to implement corrective actions at the plant level that will improve the quality and shelf-life of fluid milk by reducing the instance of post-pasteurization contamination. 

Genevieve Sullivan

Graduate Student (Ph.D., Food Science)
Genevieve is involved with a foodborne pathogen detection project, Whole Genome Sequencing, and the NY CoE.

Yanan Wang

Graduate Student (M.P.S., Food Science)
Yanan is working with Deanna Simmons and the Food Product Development Lab to develop a protein-fortified yogurt product.