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Alumni Faculty and Staff

Sandy works on the Voluntary Shelf Life Program, analyzing milk samples for sensory and microbial values and investigating rapid-detection techniques for post-pasteurization contamination.
Alexis Andrus

Alexis Andrus

Lexi worked on issues related to dairy product safety, quality and shelf-life.  She was also the curator of the rpoB allelic type database within Food Microbe Tracker. Previously, she worked on developing environmental sampling plans for Listeria and Salmonella in small artisan cheese plants.
Peter Bergholz

Peter Bergholz, Ph.D.

Tel: 607-255-1266
Peter was a postdoc in the lab from 2011 until 2012. While in the lab, his work focused on the interplay of environmental and geospatial factors on the growth of bacterial pathogens in farm fields.
Teresa Bergholz
Teresa was a Postdoc in the lab from 2007 until 2012. Her work focused on the transcriptional response of Listeria monocytogenes to multiple stress environments. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences at North Dakota State University in Fargo.
Micaela Chadwick
Michaela was a Technician in the lab from 1999 until 2000.  Micaela worked as a Technician in the Food Safety Lab.  She received her M.D. from the University of Connecticut in 2006 and did her residency in General Internal Medicine at Brown University.

Kanika Chauhan

Postdoctoral Associate
Kanika’s research interests focused on molecular tracking and genomics approaches to understanding evolution and adaptation of microorganisms contaminating dairy processing facilities.
Maria Teresa
Maria Teresa was a visiting student in 2006 from The Biotechnology School in Porto, Portugal, where she was pursuing a Ph.D. in Microbiology.  For the time she was here, she characterized Listeria monocytogenes isolates obtained from traditional Portuguese fermented food products (e.g., sausage, cheese).
Sean was a technician and lab manager in the Food Safety Laboratory from 1996 - 1998. He plans to attend the University of Wisconsin as a graduate student.
Katie Evans
Katie worked part-time in the lab from from 2001 to 2004 while she pursued her D.V.M. at Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine. She worked on the NIH Listeria project.
Matt Garner
Matt was a post-doctoral research associate in the lab from 2004 to 2006.  He worked on developing a guinea pig model for listeriosis infections. 
Claudia Guldimann

Claudia Guldimann

Postdoctoral Associate
Claudia worked on differential virulence gene expression in Listeria monocytogenes at the single cell level. She previously worked on pathogenesis of Listeria monocytogenes brain infections in ruminants.
Alphina Ho
Alphina was a technician in the lab from 2002 until 2006.  She assisted with various research projects and served as co-webmaster. After leaving the lab, she went to Kansas State University, from which she graduated in 2010 with her DVM.  In late 2015-2016, she returned to the FSL in order to assist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's newest Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence in New York State, a collaboration between the NYSDOH and Cornell.
Karin Hoelzer
Karin was a postdoctoral associate in the lab from 2009 to 2010. She studied the ecology, epidemiology, and subtyping of Salmonella. 
Mark Jandricic

Mark Jandricic

Mark was a technician for MQIP from 2011 until 2013.  He performed microbiological tests for the Milk Quality Improvement Program's Voluntary Shelf Life program.  MQIP VSL strives to improve the quality of fluid milk for NYS dairy producers.
 Yingmin Jia
Dr. Jia was here as a research scholar in 2003 working on subtyping the foodborne pathogen L. monocytogenes based on Internalin genes.
Dirce Yorika Kabuki
Dirce was a visiting scientist in the lab in 2000/2001.  She refined basic molecular typing techniques of L. monocytogenes. She now works as a Food Technician in Brazil. 

David Kent

David works with mesophilic and thermophilic sporeformers in raw milk and dairy powders.
 J. Marcelino Kongo
Marcelino was a visiting scientist from 2003 to 2004 who worked on characterizing the physiochemical and microfloral changes in a Portuguese raw cow's milk cheese. This included identifying the most abundant lactic acid bacteria species and searching for the presence of pathogens, such as L. monocytogenes, using classical microbiological and PCR-based techniques.

Jasna Kovac

Postdoctoral Associate
Jasna leads a group of graduate students working at the interface of genomics and microbiology, aiming to characterize the genetic diversity and ecology of pathogenesis in the Bacillus cereus group. 
Arnaldo Yoshiteru Kuaye
While in the lab as a visiting scientist in 2000 and 2001, Arnoldo studied basic typing techniques as well as molecular procedures for Listeria monocytogenes. He is an Assistant Professor in Brazil.
Patrick McGann
Patrick was a postdoctoral research associate in the lab from 2004 to 2006.  He worked on the evolution of Listeria monocytogenes internalin genes and the temperature dependent regulation of the internalins by SigB and PrfA.  After leaving the lab, Patrick went on to a position at Walter Reed Army Institute for Research.
Sharon Mithoe
Sharon worked in the lab as a Research Support Specialist from 2001-2002.  She set up a microarray for Listeria monocytogenes and used RT-PCR techniques to define the L. monocytogenes SigB regulon.
Kendra Nightingale
Kendra was a Postdoc in the lab in 2005 and Research Associate from 2005 until 2006.  She studied the epidemiology, ecology, and transmission dynamics of Listeria monocytogenes in farm animals and in farm environments.  She also worked on studies probing the molecular evolution of Listeria monocytogenes.  She went on to be an Assistant Professor in Animal Science at Colorado State University and currently is an Associate Professor at Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX.
Shin Park
Dr. Park came to the lab in 2001 as a Visiting Fellow from Taegu, Korea. He is an associate professor of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry at Taegu University. His research focused on food safety and Listeria monocytogenes. He performed research on the phenotypic characterization of a L. mono sigma B null mutant.
Gina Ryan

Gina Ryan

Postdoctoral Associate
Gina’s research focused on investigating the environmental factors contributing to the persistence, dispersal, and transmission of foodborne pathogens onto produce fields.  Gina is currently a Research microbiologist/ORISE Fellow in the FDA Molecular Methods and Subtyping Branch in CFSAN. Her research is focused on developing methods for rapidly detecting and differentiating microbial foodborne pathogens of importance to the FDA.
Kyle Sasahara
Kyle worked in the lab as a postdoctoral research assistant from 1999-2002 on the development of a rapid method to detect low numbers of viable cells post-pasteurization and the pathogenicity of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis in the cause of Johne's disease in cattle.  He went on to become director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Fresh Direct LLC. Currently he works as Manager for the Hershey Company in Hawaii.
Ute Schwab
Ute was a postdoc in the lab from 2002 until 2004. Her research included pathogenesis of Listeria spp.  She was working on sigma B dependent expression of prfA, the major virulence gene regulator in Listeria. Currently she works at Cornell Vet School.
Chunlei Shi
Chunlei was a visiting scientist from 2011-2012 and worked on the development and implementation of molecular serotyping approaches for Salmonella.
Xianming Shi
Dr. Shi was a visiting fellow in 2003 working on a project with Dr. Martin Wiedmann related to molecular subtyping and genetic characterization of the foodborne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes. 

Laura Strawn

Postdoctoral Associate
Laura's research examined the ecology and epidemiology of foodborne pathogens, specifically Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes, in produce production environments. Her studies investigated (i) the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) modeling to predict pathogen prevalence based on remotely-sensed landscape and meteorological factors, (ii) the association between pathogen presence and management practices to quantify likelihood of contamination in produce fields, and (iii) the application of subtyping-based source tracking of pathogens in the produce production environment.
Andrea Moreno Switt

Andrea Moreno Switt

Postdoctoral Associate
Andrea was a graduate student and then a postdoc in the lab from 2008-2014. She focused her research as a graduate student in the genomics of Salmonella from bacteriophages to plasmids. During her postdoc, she used genomics to study milk spoilage organisms. Currently, she is the Director of the Center of Veterinary Medicine at Universidad Andrés Bello in Chile.
Jeffrey Tokman

Jeffrey Tokman

Jeffrey was working on characterizing novel groups of listeriaphages and studying their infection kinetics.
Aljosa Trmcic

Aljosa Trmcic

Postdoctoral Associate
Aljosa is interested in general microbiology of milk and dairy products. His past research experience involved studies on bacteriocins and the protective function of lactic acid bacteria.  During his time in our lab, he studied dairy pathogens and spoilage organisms. He was working on the connection between presence of coliforms and different pathogens in dairy products. Additionally, Aljosa summarized the dairy spoilage work done in our lab by putting together a standardized set of dairy spoilage microorganisms. 
Siyun Wang
As a postdoctoral associate from 2010 to 2012, Siyun studied the physiological properties and transcriptional responses of L. monocytogenes under different stress conditions related with food.  Currently, Siyun is an Assistant Professor in the Food, Nutrition and Health Program at the University of British Columbia.
Steven Warchocki
Steven's research focused on the detection, isolation, and characterization of foodborne pathogens from various environments potentially involved in farm to fork transmission of E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria.  He was also the MQIP-FSL technology manager and administrator for Food Safety Wiki and the FSL-MQIP website.
Katy Windham
Katy was the Assistant Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Typing from 2001 until 2004.  She worked on the development and implementation of new DNA sequencing-based subtyping methods for Listeria monocytogenes to help understand the evolution of Listeria monocytogenes.  She also contributed to research in the laboratory aimed at defining the phenotypic characteristics of different L. moncoytogenes subtypes.
Emily Wright
As a technician from 2008 to 2013, Emily performed PFGE and tissue culture in addition to many other projects.  Emily is now a QA Program Lead at Sorrento Lactalis in Buffalo, NY.
Ruth Zadoks
Ruth was a research associate in the lab from 2002 until 2004. Her research included molecular and mathematical epidemiology of bacterial pathogens that cause mastitis in dairy herds. Her work in our lab focused on the development and implementation of DNA-sequence based subtyping methods and virulence assays for Streptococcus agalactiae and Streptococcus uberis, to investigate the ecology and pathogenesis of contagious and environmental mastitis in dairy herds. Ruth is currently a Professor in Molecular Epidemiology at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.
M. Zeki Durak
Zeki was a visiting scientist in the lab from 2003 to 2004 and who worked in conjunction with Chris Loss in measuring microbial diversity in milk using 16s rDNA community analysis, a culture-independent method.