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Kathryn Boor

Research by Kathryn and her group focus on understanding mechanisms used by foodborne pathogens, as well as spoilage organisms, to adapt to stress conditions encountered during their transmission between abiotic environments, foods, and human and other mammalian hosts. Her current work specifically focuses on stress response systems and regulatory networks in the foodborne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes.  Kathryn and her group also perform research on the transmission and control of bacteria that cause food spoilage with a particular focus on dairy foods and sporeforming spoilage organisms. Kathryn is currently the Ronald P. Lynch Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University.

Martin Wiedmann

Gellert Family Professor in Food Safety
Research by Martin and his group focuses on the pathogenesis of foodborne diseases, pre- and post-harvest food safety and on improving our understanding of the evolution and ecology of foodborne bacterial pathogens and their transmission from farm animals and environments through foods to humans. Both basic and applied research in the laboratory is targeted towards developing the scientific knowledge necessary to improve the ability to prevent foodborne and zoonotic diseases. In addition, Martin’s group also collaborates with Kathryn Boor’s group on research on transmission and control of bacteria that cause food spoilage, particularly in dairy foods.