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TreeStats 1.0

TreeStats is a program that randomizes the sequences provided in the infile and generates a tree in JPEG format which can be viewed using any picture viewer or a web browser. The generated tree displays the P value for the internal nodes, which indicates the random nature of sequences. The infile contains a tree in new hampshire format. This format can be easily generated by programs such as MEGA and PHYLIP which are shareware and freely available on the net. PAUP is a commercial program which has the option of generating both parsimony and neighbor joining trees in new hampshire format. The tree generated by PHYLIP can be directly fed into the program. The trees generated by PAUP and MEGA requires conversion to be used with this program. We make available the required conversion utilities for MEGA and PAUP so that the output could be converted into a suitable format that can be used by TreeStats. For executing TreeStats a supporting program Graphviz has to be pre installed on the system. To download and install the windows version of Graphviz please click here.

Currently I distribute only a Windows executable version of the program. For source code or executables for other platforms please contact Martin Wiedmann

TreeStats Resources: