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Molecular Submission Information

How do I submit a request for Molecular Typing?

Submit a paper copy of the submission form.  The form MUST accompany isolates shipped to the lab for typing.

  • Send isolates on a plate or agar slant.  
  • All isolates must be pure cultures.  
  • If requesting Ribotyping, please provide us with Gram stain results.  
  • If the culture you are sending requires special culturing conditions (i.e. unusual media, temperature, etc) please notify us before shipment so that proper arrangements can be made.

Ship isolates in accordance with Biohazard shipping regulations to:

Laboratory for Molecular Typing
ATTN: Sherry E. Roof
352 Stocking Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

Contact Information:

Sherry E. Roof, Technician
Phone: (607) 255-1266

Shelley Clark, Technician
Phone: (607) 255-1266

Martin Wiedmann, Director
Phone: (607) 254-2838