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One Happy Cheesehead


We'll miss you, Al!
Summer 2016 FSL-MQIP
Sandy, Al and Clint love MQIP


Spring 2016 Farewells: Tom, Al, Clint, Barbara (w/ Mario, who isn't going anywhere ;) ) and Jiahui.
"This is going on my couch in Chicago!"  -- Clint


Got Milk?
We love lettuce!!
Wiedmann Booriors 2015
Dairy Plant Visit 2015
Milking for research
Where's Dave?
FSL-MQIP Lab 2014
January 26, 2012 Reunion
A small lab and Food science reunion in Chicago on January 26, 2012; from left to right: Kathryn Boor, CALS ’80; Ron Van Ormer; Yvonne Chan, FSL PhD ’07; Daina Ringus, FSL PhD ’12; Reid Ivy, FSL PhD ’10; Bill Graves, CALS ’77; Bryson Bolton, MS ’09; Martin Wiedmann, PhD ’97; Jane Leland, CALS ’80.
Kathryn's Birthday, 2012.
FSL-MQIP Lab 2011
Visit and view
Sarita Raengpradub, PhD FSL ’07 visits David Sue, PhD FSL ’04 at CDC in Atlanta.
FSL-MQIP Lab 2010
Lab Reunion 2008
Lab reunion at the 2008 ASM Annual Meeting (back row, from left to right:  Dr. Sarita Raengpradub [Silliker], Liz Palmer, Dr. Teresa Bergholz, Courtney Lucas, Yesim Soyer, Mary Ann Pohl [New York University School of Medicine], Dr Kendra Nightingale [Colorado State University], Dr Henk den Bakker, Dr Patrick McGann [Walter Reed Army Institute for Research], Dr David Sue [CDC], Haley Oliver; front row:  Kitiya Vongkanjan, Martin Wiedmann, Dr Mark Kazmierczak [Harvard Medical School])
FSL and MQIP 2008
Reunion 2007
Lab reunion at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the International Association of Protection (from left: Dr. Yvonne Chan [now at Kraft Foods], Haley Oliver, Mickey Mouse, Martin, Kathryn, Dr. Kendra Nightingale [now an Assistant Professor at Colorado State], Dr. Yuwei Hu [now at General Mills], Dr. Brian Sauders [now at the new York State Department of Agriculture).
2007 awards banquet
Lab award winner after the 2007 awards banquet of the Cornell Institute of Food Science (from left: Jessica Corron [now a PhD student at the University of Colorado], Haley Oliver, Dr. Yvonne Chan [now at Kraft Foods], Dr. Yuwei Hu [now at General Mills], Liz Palmer, Kathryn, Martin, Yesim Soyer)
Lab Party 2007
Lab Party 2007 in Soraya's and Wei's back yard


Dr. Xingmin Jia, a Chinese visiting scientist, with Martin, Kathryn and Phil in 2003
Belgin's Farewell with the FSL/MQIP in 2003