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Spirit of Cheesemas 2021


Cheese board
Cheeseboard at Cheesemas 2021
Lab Summer Olympics
Lab Summer Olympics 2021


One happy cheesehead
One Happy Cheesehead


Nicole, Al, and Martin at Al's going away party
We'll miss you, Al!
FSL & MQIP Summer 2016
Summer 2016 FSL-MQIP
Sandy, Al, and Clint love the MQIP
Sandy, Al and Clint love MQIP


Farewell party for Tom, Al, Clint, Barbara (holding baby Mario), and Jiahui.
Spring 2016 Farewells: Tom, Al, Clint, Barbara (w/ Mario, who isn't going anywhere ;) ) and Jiahui.
Sandy and Clint blanket
"This is going on my couch in Chicago!"  -- Clint


FSL & MQIP Got Milk Mustaches
Got Milk?
Lettuce Field Trial
We love lettuce!!
Wiedmann Booriors 2015 Soccer Team
Wiedmann Booriors 2015
Lab Dairy Plant Visit 2015
Dairy Plant Visit 2015
Milking for Research
Milking for research
Where is Dave
Where's Dave?
FSL and MQIP 2014
FSL-MQIP Lab 2014
January 26, 2012 Reunion
A small lab and Food science reunion in Chicago on January 26, 2012; from left to right: Kathryn Boor, CALS ’80; Ron Van Ormer; Yvonne Chan, FSL PhD ’07; Daina Ringus, FSL PhD ’12; Reid Ivy, FSL PhD ’10; Bill Graves, CALS ’77; Bryson Bolton, MS ’09; Martin Wiedmann, PhD ’97; Jane Leland, CALS ’80.
Celebrating Kathryn's birthday in 2012
Kathryn's Birthday, 2012.
FSl and MQIP in 2011
FSL-MQIP Lab 2011
Visit and view
Sarita Raengpradub, PhD FSL ’07 visits David Sue, PhD FSL ’04 at CDC in Atlanta.
FSl and MQIP in 2010
FSL-MQIP Lab 2010
Lab Reunion 2008
Lab reunion at the 2008 ASM Annual Meeting (back row, from left to right:  Dr. Sarita Raengpradub [Silliker], Liz Palmer, Dr. Teresa Bergholz, Courtney Lucas, Yesim Soyer, Mary Ann Pohl [New York University School of Medicine], Dr Kendra Nightingale [Colorado State University], Dr Henk den Bakker, Dr Patrick McGann [Walter Reed Army Institute for Research], Dr David Sue [CDC], Haley Oliver; front row:  Kitiya Vongkanjan, Martin Wiedmann, Dr Mark Kazmierczak [Harvard Medical School])
FSL and MQIP in 2008
FSL and MQIP 2008
Reunion 2007
Lab reunion at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the International Association of Protection (from left: Dr. Yvonne Chan [now at Kraft Foods], Haley Oliver, Mickey Mouse, Martin, Kathryn, Dr. Kendra Nightingale [now an Assistant Professor at Colorado State], Dr. Yuwei Hu [now at General Mills], Dr. Brian Sauders [now at the new York State Department of Agriculture).
2007 awards banquet
Lab award winner after the 2007 awards banquet of the Cornell Institute of Food Science (from left: Jessica Corron [now a PhD student at the University of Colorado], Haley Oliver, Dr. Yvonne Chan [now at Kraft Foods], Dr. Yuwei Hu [now at General Mills], Liz Palmer, Kathryn, Martin, Yesim Soyer)
Lab Party 2007
Lab Party 2007 in Soraya's and Wei's back yard


Dr. Jia with Martin, Kathryn, and Phil in 2003
Dr. Xingmin Jia, a Chinese visiting scientist, with Martin, Kathryn and Phil in 2003
Belgin's farewell with FSl and MQIP in 2003
Belgin's Farewell with the FSL/MQIP in 2003