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2019 Honors and Awards

Graduate Student Awards

  • Sam Reichler (Ph.D. 2021): 2019 USDA NIFA Predoctoral Fellowship
  • Sarah Murphy (Ph.D. 2020): Selected for 2019-2020 NextGen Professors Program, Cornell University
  • Sarah Murphy (Ph.D. 2020): 2019 International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Student Travel Scholarship
  • Sarah Murphy (Ph.D. 2020): 2019 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant, Cornell Dept. of Food Science
  • Sarah Murphy (Ph.D. 2020): 2019 Cornell Graduate School Conference Travel Grant
  • Sophia Harrand (Ph.D. 2020): 2019 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc Travel Scholarship
  • Sophia Harrand (Ph.D. 2020): 2019 The Germain Mocquot Award
  • Sophia Harrand (Ph.D. 2020): 2019 Finalist Life Science Awards Food&Beverage Safety Merck (Millipore Sigma)

Other Awards

  • Nicole H. Martin: 2019 ADSA Foundation Scholar Award in Dairy Foods
  • Martin Wiedmann: 2019 International Dairy Foods Association Research Award in Dairy Foods Processing
  • Martin Wiedmann: 2019 IAFP Frozen Food Foundation Freezing Research Award
  • Team: 2019 John N. Sofos Journal of Food Protection Most cited JFP Review publication award for "Ferreira, V., M. Wiedmann, P. Teixeira, and M. Stasiewicz. 2014. Listeria monocytogenes persistence in food associated environments: epidemiology, strain characteristics, and implications for public health. J. Food Prot. 77: 150–17."
  • Martin Wiedmann: Elected as fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)