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Graduate Student Awards

  • Lorraine D. Rodriguez-Rivera (Ph.D. 2013):  Selected to participate in the 2012 American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Kadner Institute
  • Lorraine D. Rodriguez-Rivera  (Ph.D. 2013): 2012-2013 Provost’s Diversity Fellowship, Cornell University
  • Lorraine D. Rodriguez-Rivera  (Ph.D. 2013):  Cornell University Graduate School Travel Grant
  • Pajau Vangay  (M.S. 2013): CALS Alumni Association Research Grant
  • Pajau Vangay  (M.S. 2013): Cornell Graduate School Research Travel Grant
  • Laura Strawn (Ph.D. 2013):  Institute of Food Technologist – Feeding Tomorrow Scholarship
  • Laura Strawn (Ph.D. 2013): International Association for Food Protection – Travel Award Scholarship
  • Laura Strawn (Ph.D. 2013): National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Pre-doctoral Fellowship Grant

Other Awards

  • Kathryn Boor:  New York State Association for Food Protection - Emmett R. Gauhn Memorial Award
  • Martin Wiedmann:  Elected as member (fellow), International Academy of Food Science and Technology