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Graduate Student Awards

  • Kendra Kerr Nightingale (Ph.D. 2004): 2004/05 IFT $5,000 Graduate Student Fellowship
  • Kendra Kerr Nightingale (Ph.D. 2004): 2004 Cornell Institute of Food Science Germain Mocquot Award
  • Kendra Kerr Nightingale (Ph.D. 2004): Selected to participate in the 2004 American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Graduate and Postdoctoral Summer Institute in Preparation for Careers in Microbiology
  • Yvonne Chan (Ph.D. 2007): 2004/05 New York Section IFT Graduate Student Fellowship
  • Sarita Raengpradub (PhD 2007): 2004 Cornell Institute of Food Science Kosi Award in Food Science
  • Sarita Raengpradub (PhD 2007):2004 American Society for Microbiology Student Travel Grant
  • Haley Oliver (Ph.D. 2008):Graduate Research Fellowship 2004-2005 Olin Fellowship, Cornell University
  • Other Awards

  • Martin Wiedmann:  2004 Med-Atlantic Sea Grant Extension Award for Outstanding Program
  • Martin Wiedmann:  Teaching Excellence Award, Cornell Institute of Food Science
  • Martin Wiedmann:  Distinguished Speaker, Seminar in Food Science, University of Maryland
  • Martin Wiedmann:  International Life Science Institute (ILSI) North America Future Leaders Award