Food Safety Lab

Food Safety Lab group members


The Food Safety Laboratory and Milk Quality Improvement Program represent a combined group that is led by Professors Kathryn Boor and Martin Wiedmann in the Department of Food Science. This group is united by a common mission:

Program Vision: 

Moving the world toward safer, more wholesome food

Program Mission:

Through innovative research, education and outreach, improve the microbial safety and quality of the global food supply

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Scientists bolster 'phage' weapons in food safety battle

Jul 21, 2015
In the war to keep food safe from bacteria, Cornell food scientists examine a class of weaponry called bacteriophages – an all-natural biological enemy for the nasty Listeria monocytogenes, which threatens meat, produce, cold-smoked seafood and dairy products. Read more

Professor Studies Food-Poison Bacteria

Feb 10, 2015
Prof. Martin Wiedmann, food science and technology, has combined the fields of microbiology and big data to better predict disease outbreaks and preserve food safety. Read more